Florida Unveils Hideous Gator-Themed Uniforms vs. Texas A&M

Ross Houston
October 11, 2017

The helmet, jersey and trousers are technically "swamp green" with the top featuring gator print.

I don't know. That seems...*too* unique, especially for a school like Florida with an iconic blue, orange, and white color scheme.

-The jersey will showcase a scaled pattern, with royal blue sleeves. The cleats are swamp green and covered in Gator print with chrome orange plates.

Matching sideline apparel from Nike is also available.

Two months ago, we published a piece about the best new college football uniforms in America, claiming that clean, classic looks were the season's in-vogue fashion trend. A swamp green t-Shirt and hat with Gatorhead logo are available for purchase.

Florida will go full gator during this week's matchup with Texas A&M, airing Saturday, October 14th at 7pm on ESPN 2. In 2012, Florida welcomed the Aggies to the Southeastern Conference as UF traveled to College Station, Texas on September 8, 2012.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is popularly known as The Swamp.

"'The Swamp' is a place where only Gators get out alive", Spurrier said.

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