Facebook's Explore Feed Is Now Available For Desktop As Well

Yolanda Curtis
October 19, 2017

The feed is based on what you liked previously and what's popular among friends. The icon was eventually labeled Explore, and this has since been the name of the alternative feed.

The new Explore Feed feature is an attempt taken by Facebook to present a wider breadth of content to the users. Thankfully, there's now a decent alternative to this bumbling mess.

The Explore Feed has been in testing for over a year on mobile, and so far, it doesn't appear to include advertising, TechCrunch said. The feature has always been made available to mobile, and it is now rolling out to Facebook's desktop website. "This is the beginning of the official rollout of the Explore Feed", TechCrunch reported late on Wednesday.

On mobile, the Explore Feed is accessible via the "More" menu in the bottom navigation section, while it's housed along the left sidebar within the "Explore" section on desktop.

Facebook has made it hard for Pages to get their posts in people's News Feeds, from cutting organic reach in favor of paid distribution to prioritizing posts from friends and family members.

It's a mixture of pages, video content and images.

How does Facebook choose what to show?

At the moment, Facebook does not appear to be running ads within the Explore Feed. The feature collects posts and information that are very similar to the ones that users already liked in their News Feed.

The upshot here is to make sure users never run out of things to see on Facebook, of course. After all, increased time-on-site or time-in-app will allow Facebook to serve more ads in between videos and other content. Essentially, it's an alternative second-tier newsfeed that effectively parallels a user's interests - and more importantly - yet another area Facebook could also monetize. The company spokesperson declined to comment on whether Explore Feed will feature ads and whether brands will be able to target ads specifically to the feed.

The Menlo Park, California-headquartered company has already confirmed that Explore Feed has now progressed to a full rollout.

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