Facebook partners with dealership sites to make vehicle buying easier on Marketplace

Pablo Tucker
October 28, 2017

There's also that aforementioned 'enhanced vehicles section'. You can check pricing against the industry standard Kelly's Blue Book. The social media giant has added this new feature in its search through which users can find different automobiles based on their model, make, mileage, transmission, and other specifications. And you can use Messenger bots to communicate with dealers in real-time instead of filling out a contact form and waiting to hear back.

It's been a little more than a year since Facebook launched its Marketplace platform.

Facebook says more than 550 million people now visit its buy and sell pages every month, up from 450 million a year ago.

ActivEngage's long standing track record of innovating alongside major OEMs and large Dealer Groups will help prompt dealers to list inventory within Facebook Marketplace and provide online auto shoppers with more vehicle inventory from dealers on the platform.

The company also teases that it has more features inbound for Marketplace as a whole, including new features for its retail, home rentals and jobs categories.

"Bringing real-time, used-car inventory to Facebook Marketplace not only streamlines the auto buying process for millions of users, but also is an exciting step on the path to bring more components of vehicle shopping online", Gorton says in a release. Facebook has no intention to charge on transactions but it will publish ads within Marketplace. But a few months back it started testing ads within Marketplace to promote certain products. Any dealing done through the marketplace for cars will not be linked to Facebook.

While Craigslist and various vertical specific sites have been around forever, Facebook is butting in by combining the fact that people don't need to set up a new account, already visit the app daily, and have visibility into people's profiles and social graphs can boost trust.

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