Dubai police introduces hoverbikes for officers

Henrietta Brewer
October 18, 2017

Almost two decades late, we're finally seeing the very beginnings of the systems and technologies that could make that dream a reality, and the Dubai police force is going to be one of the first to experience it. "They have successfully passed the tests and under extreme conditions of dust and temperature", as their designers said for the modified flying patrol in Dubai.

Designed by a Russian drone start-up, the electric-powered Scorpion-3 was revealed at Gitex 2017, an worldwide tech showcase at Dubai World Trade Center. The announcement was made at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition (GITEX), the biggest technology expo in the Gulf region, and the Hoverbikes will be added as a first responder vehicle. Completely electric, the Hoverbike can fly the pilot at speeds up to 70 kmph with a programmed maximum height of 5 metres. The hoverbike has a range of 20-25 minutes with a recharge time of three hours. After all, nobody wants to be the cop who has to drag their hoverbike back to the precinct because it ran out of battery part-way through an exciting auto chase.

As per the Facebook page of Hoversurf CEO Alexander Atamanov, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Dubai Police and has been invited to mass produce the vehicle in the Dubai area. At the rate at which they are moving ahead in technology, police forces of other countries will have to look to Dubai for inspiration.

When equipped with cameras, Dubai police plan to deploy the craft over tourist destinations with a video feed being relayed the control room of a police station. Safety still remains a concern with light personal aircrafts, especially with those that have four propellors around them, which can be unsafe for the pilot as well as those on ground.

Hoverbikes might never be the future of transportation for most, but this is a very cool implementation of the technology.

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