Cop Catches Huge Anaconda With Bare Hands

Cheryl Sanders
October 16, 2017

Well, most people would feel intimidated and extremely frightened.

"Thanks Detective Emily Shaw for really being #ALLin", the post read.

A female Florida detective has earned herself praise after she was captured on camera grappling with a giant anaconda using her bare hands in terrifying rescue mission.

In a video of the encounter shared on the department's Facebook page, Shaw first pokes the yellow anaconda with a nearby branch before slowly grabbing the reptile. Right after that, as if the snake heard the comment, it makes a sudden move, giving both Detective Shaw and the person shooting the video a shock.

In the epic footage, Emily can be seen struggling to put the deadly giant snake inside a bag even as it throws jabs and coils its tail around her hand.

He continues to narrate during the clip as he says: "You think he got run-over?"

While she is maneuvering the boa the man filming her says: "Emily Shaw you are insane, you are insane girl!" "If you own an exotic pet- please be responsible".

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials believe the snake was someone's pet. "Make sure their cages are completely secure and if you decide you no longer want it, do not release it into the wild".

Jenni Ingram commended Shaw, "Awesome job detective!"

The exotic snake was found on the east side of Leon County, near Louvinia Drive.

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