Bungie Reveals New Destiny 2 Expansion Trailer Curse of Osiris

Pablo Tucker
October 30, 2017

Less than two months after Bungie released Destiny 2 comes news of its first expansion pack. Titled Curse of Osiris, the trailer goes in-depth on what players' main mission will be.

The first Destiny 2 expansion is out on December 5 and it's called - as rumors have long since made clear - Curse of Osiris.

If you're unfamiliar with Osiris, his history is a pretty fascinating one.

Thus, we have a new cinematic trailer that gives us a brief story synopsis for Destiny 2's next DLC.

Destiny 2 is an improvement over its predecessor in almost every way.

Activision and Bungie have come to Paris Games Week 2017 to tease the next big chapter in Destiny 2. The only real problem with Destiny 2 for those who rushed through the campaign and hit the max power level as quickly as possible is that there's not much left for them to do.

The expansion is expected to be released on other platforms as well on December 5. Previous expansions, like the House of Wolves, did not feature additional Raid content for the game. Like numerous leaks suggested, the DLC, titled Curse of Osiris, will take place on Mercury and revolve around Ikora Rey's mentor, the renegade Osiris.

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