Bigg Boss 11 Preview: Will Sapna take her revenge from Arshi?

Carla Harmon
October 11, 2017

The house will be full of insane drama again with Sapna Chaudhary at the helm of it as she take on Arshi Khan in a full fledged battle which will probably span around the whole episode. Vikas has been stopped by Bigg Boss in the confession room, where Bigg Boss asks him the reason of his act.

Later, this week's luxury budget task started which saw Hiten as king and Arshi, Shilpa as queens. The contestants will carry on with the luxury bidget task called ' Raja Rani Ki Kahaani,' in which Hiten plays the role of a King while Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde play his two queens, who are competing against each other.

# Sapna Choudhary breaks down after completing her task with a heavy heart!

Shilpa showed how ruthless she can be at this point - she kept taunting Vikas even when he was crying inconsolably. Hiten explains to her that he was just trying to prove that they respect him and not because he wanted to make her happy.

After the argument, Vikas breaks out and cries into the washroom by locking himself. Arshi and Shilpa are seen talking about how powerful they felt in character during the task. He later went out of the house, furious with everybody, but Bigg Boss explained to him that his behaviour wasn't right and he should consider dealing patiently with everyone else. While the queen alleges that she is a "dasi" and will have to perform what's told. Arshi then retaliates by demeaning Sapna, calling her a "Naachnewali" and thereon the fight between them ensues.

Later in the day, the contestants from both teams work hard on the royal task to impress King Hiten.

Later, Hiten once again tries to convince Sapna to give Arshi's legs a massage.Sapna cries and says she is made to do things she never did in her life. Shilpa and Arshi are uniting well to change the game from here.

However, all this display of affection by them on the Bigg Boss is not going down well with her boyfriend Dennis Nagpal, who is also Puneesh's friend. A silent ticking bomb, Sapna also discloses that she wouldn't mind getting into a physical brawl if the time so implores. Stay tuned for more updates.

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