Assassin's Creed Origins Director Addresses Concerns About Loot Boxes, Microtransactions

Yolanda Curtis
October 10, 2017

The director also confirmed that the newly added Discovery Tour mode will have a voiced narration in it, which should add some depth and knowledge to the educational mode. The idea is that if you min-max your economy and hoard lots of money, this vendor will give you a reason to spend it.

That last part about being able to find the loot box contents in the real world is a positive sign, and Ismail went on to explain that the loot boxes would be a flawless option for players who find themselves rolling in Egyptian riches. And we felt like, okay, that's a valid way to play the game - it's a part of the RPG [aspect], so we'll let them play the economy.

With loot boxes being so prevalent in modern video games, it's great to see Ubisoft opting to not attach real money to their system for Assassin's Creed Origins. "So, it's one way to be able to purchase or get some of the unique items in the game". I bet the final build will have Helix credit", Neogaf user, Duchess O'Death, reports in his thread I want to be angry about AC: "Origins loot boxes before knowing if they're bad. Heda is essentially Gheed from Diablo II, allowing gamers to gamble their hard-earned cash for surprises. Last week, the game director of the upcoming Assassin's Creed took to Twitter to answer some fan questions regarding the game.

While Warner Bros and EA seem to be pushing the limits of what microtransactions players will accept, Ubisoft is choosing to stay out of the line of fire this year. You can find the items in the game, but if you have the Drachma you can buy them. In fact, Ubisoft affirms that all of its games will have some sort of live service integration, which typically means monetization options to make more money over time.

We're not sure if the in-game e-store will have a premium currency or not, but it's possible. Eurogamer has said that the game DOES contain lootboxes, however they can only be bought in-game from an actual merchant with in-game money.

The Gold Edition comes with the Season Pass and it is now available for pre-order on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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