Apple hasn't given up on the Mac Mini

Yolanda Curtis
October 20, 2017

Cook's response was: "I'm glad you love Mac mini".

Of course saying that Apple plans to keep the Mac mini in the lineup could just mean that nothing is changing: no new Mac mini but it won't be discontinued either. But is it? According to MacRumors, which posted an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook to a Mac Mini user, the device will still be an important part of Apple's product line going forward. While very outdated, the device is still on sale at the Apple Store.

Apple has released many, many, many products since the Mac Mini was last upgraded in 2014, and that's left the fans of the Mac Mini anxious that it's not long for this world.

It concludes that a new Mac mini is unlikely to be announced until next year, and that future models will likely use Intel's Kaby Lake quad core processors which are nearly twice as powerful as those found in the current Mac mini range.

It could be argued that the Mac Mini is a pretty niche product that does not really warrant a lot of attention from Apple, particularly when it has a capable line up of MacBooks and all-in-one iMac machines to attract macOS fans. We love it too.

Astonishingly, Tim Cook replied him.

Cook's comments echo those of marketing chief Phil Schiller.

Apple has a revamped version of the Mac Pro coming in 2018, which the company describes as "our highest-end, high-throughput desktop system, designed for our demanding pro customers".

The entry-level Mac mini still runs on fourth-generation Haswell processors, when Intel is now on eighth-generation chips.

The firm Apple also said the redesigned Pro would not be released this year.

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