WhatsApp Storage Usage Gets Granular Control on Android Beta

Yolanda Curtis
September 19, 2017

Anyway, we have some good news for anyone who wants to install this new WhatsApp BETA version on his Android handset. As soon as the beta version is thoroughly tested; Whatsapp will start a global rollout of this feature in its final consumer update. It let iPhone users' clear messages right from the Storage Usage screen itself. Now, WhatsApp Beta for Android has got the granular control to clean the data that consumes your smartphone's storage space. Beta testers can check it out by heading to Settings, followed by Data and storage usage, and finally Storage usage.

You can get rid of all of the video messages in a conversation, for instance, but keep everything else.

Notably, this feature called Part of the Storage Usage menu was already rolled out to the WhatsApp for iOS users earlier this year.

Granular storage controls would give them the freedom to do that. After a while, the app will show up all chat conversations with your contacts and the space each chat has taken.

The app has built a new storage management section into its Settings menu on Android, allowing you to mass-delete specific types of messages from conversations, while saving others. Tap on a specific chat you want to clear storage from and then select Manage. When you enter it, the section will be populated with categories like Text messages, Images, GIFs, Video messages and Audio messages. Below that is a Manage messages option to select and delete any or all message types. They can choose specific file types such as all GIFs or videos from a specific chat to free up space.

If you can not wait to try this feature, just head over here to join in for the beta testing program and WhatsApp Download Beta, else download the WhatsApp APK update straight from here.

Currently, you can delete messages, but ironically they are only deleted on your phone and not on the phone you sent them to.

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