Super Mario Run's biggest update features new levels, Princess Daisy

Pablo Tucker
September 24, 2017

The in-app purchase to unlock the full game will also receive a 50 percent discount.

Super Mario Run may not have earned as much revenue as Nintendo would have liked but that hasn't stopped the company from supporting the game with frequent updates.

The hype for Super Mario Run has certainly died down since it was released, but many users likely still have the app installed in their smartphones.

The update will introduce a new mode called Remix 10, which randomly splices together 10 sections from the game's various levels in quick succession and rewards players with rainbow medals. Daisy will be Super Mario Run's seventh playable character, not counting the Yoshi color variations.

Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first real foray into mobile games, is receiving a substantial update on September 29 which adds new playable content since the game's launch in December 2016. Daisy's special ability is a double jump, and can be used throughout the other modes in the game. The levels will include more pink, purple, and black coins, but in order to unlock them, players will need to have completed all the stages of World 1 to World 6. Will this new update get you to play the game again?

Also in the update is a new group of regular levels called World Star.

Is this update enough to bring you back to Super Mario Run? This is crucial because finishing stages in Remix 10 nets you new items and rescue Princess Daisy who joins the game as a playable character.

A final change allows players to play the game while listening to their own music. If you do, Mario and friends will wear headphones while you play.

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