Square Enix reveals Left Alive for PS4, PC

Yolanda Curtis
September 19, 2017

No release date was announced but the game will come out during 2018 on Playstaion 4 and PC.

After a bunch of old trailers in a weak pre-TGS press conference, a trailer popped up showing a hallway reminiscent of The Shining. And that's it - roll credits.

Left Alive has been described as a "dark and gritty world" with more information coming later this week at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. No, this isn't a new Metal Gear, but it sure could be from the look of things. This is Square Enix, of course, not Konami. Yoji Shinkawa, for example, previously worked as a character designer on the Metal Gear series, and brought us some of the iconic imagery from Metal Gear like that you'll see emblazoned across the Left Alive logo above. For those unaware, Director, Toshifumi Nabeshima is heading up the project and as mentioned earlier, he previously headed the Armoured Core games for From Software. Also credited as the game's mech designer is Takayuki Yanase.

It actually reminds us of the company's vaunted Front Mission series.

Square Enix has announced a new upcoming action survival shooter branded Left Alive.

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