Small North Korea quake likely natural, not nuclear test, experts say

Andrew Cummings
September 23, 2017

Wang said that China has fully implemented its global obligations, calling on Japan, South Korea and the United States to take necessary steps, such as the cancellation of US-South Korea military drills.

In a move no one expected, and which puts them squarely at odds with the US, South Korea yesterday announced the provision of a new $8 million aid package for neighboring North Korea.

Kim on Friday threatened the "highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history" in a tirade against Trump´s warning that Washington would "totally destroy" the North if the United States or its allies were threatened.

North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3, drawing a fresh U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution that for the first time included restrictions on fuel supplies to the North.

North Korea's previous nuclear tests were measured at magnitudes of 4.3 or above. The blast occurred at 5:00 p.m. (Pyongyang time) just 30 miles from the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site in Kilju in North Hamgyeong Province.

Kōno said, "Can you believe that over 160 countries have diplomatic ties with North Korea, the biggest threat to the world right now?"

Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho spoke to reporters in NY during the UN General Assembly shortly after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made an unprecedented televised statement, accusing Trump of being "mentally deranged".

"We can not conclusively confirm at this time the nature (natural or human-made) of the event".

Park said analysts could not rule out the possibility that a natural quake occurred because of a nuclear test. May said Britain would honour its budget commitments made during the period of its EU's membership, and that Britain could seek a "better" deal than that a Canada-style free-trade agreement or membership of the European Economic Area would offer. That test produced seismic tremors with a magnitude around 6.1.

Trump tweeted on Friday, saying Pyongyang would be tested like never before. North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un said in a rare statement on Friday the North will consider the "highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history" against the United States in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to "totally destroy" the North.

"It is threatening language that once again heightens tensions", she said.

NEW YORK-U.S. Treasury and gold prices rose while the Japanese yen strengthened on Friday as a fresh exchange of barbs between North Korea and the United States fueled geopolitical concerns.

On Thursday Trump announced new USA sanctions that he said allow targeting of companies and institutions that finance and facilitate trade with North Korea.

North Korea's nuclear tests to date have all been underground, and experts say an atmospheric test, which would be the first since one by China in 1980, would be proof of the success of its weapons program.

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