Saudi Arabia Lifts the Ban on Video and Voice Calls

Yolanda Curtis
September 22, 2017

Asked by a reporter if he had warned Saudi Arabia and the UAE against military action in the country, Trump responded, "No".

The two nations banned air travel and cut off diplomatic ties to Qatar in June, blaming Qatar for funding terrorism and backing Iran.

Qatar denies the accusations and refuses to accept the conditions imposed by the four countries for lifting their boycott.

Trump continued: 'I have a very strong feeling that it will be solved pretty quickly.

"The longer the crisis continues, the greater the threat to American interests in the region", warns Nakhleh. It is certainly in the United States' interest to see this issue resolved as quickly as possible to boost US ties with critical allies, thwart Iran's escalating regional aspirations, and prevent other world powers from asserting themselves and outmuscling the the Gulf.

The GEA has lined up some incredible displays to light up Saudi Arabia's horizon with the likes of high technology laser shows and vibrant fireworks.

Al Thani replied: 'As you said, Mr. President, we have a problem with our neighbors, and your interference will help a lot.

The Doha-based news network is now banned in Saudi Arabia, which is locked in a diplomatic dispute with Qatar. In its immediate aftermath, the president publicly backed the Saudi demands, while Tillerson and other administration members took a more cautious line. Qatar is home to the largest United States military base in the Middle East.

Mediation efforts have been spearheaded by both Kuwait and the US but have thus far failed to deliver tangible results.

The dispute would also threaten to distract from a US effort to marshal Gulf support for a tougher stance towards Iran. 'And now we want to make the most of it by getting things settled. The Saudi-led coalition responded with a statement saying that a "military solution was never and will never be on the table".

Earlier on Tuesday, Sheikh Tamim criticised the countries behind the blockade on Qatar in his address to the UN General Assembly.

"We have always said that we are open to dialogue and we will always be open to dialogue", he said.

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