Samsung finally allows you to disable the Bixby key

Pablo Tucker
September 19, 2017

It appears that this update is rolling out to both Note 8 and Galaxy S8 owners. We live in a world full of smartphone offerings.

Samsung has its own version of the "Great Mobile Device Crush" - and it's equally filled with fanfare and anticipation. It's supposed to be the smart spirit that lives inside your phone and proactively helps you get through your day. The question is: can it deliver? Samsung's official prices are $725 for the S8, $825 for the S8 Plus, and $900-something for the Note 8. However, Samsung isn't giving you the tools to re-assign it to something else. Were it actually pointed at a useful or desirable function, I'd laud and applaud it. Long-pressing the button will launch Bixby Voice over whatever application you're now in, letting you issue commands and control the phone with your voice. There's no way to change what the Bixby button does altogether. Samsung's misstep was locking it down to a single feature that many people don't want to use-especially since you can still talk to Bixby by simply saying its name aloud. The service can only be accessible by swiping left on the screen with your palm. It is welcoming to see that the company has realized its folly and is now letting users disable the button altogether. It may take some more time to reach and every corner of the globe. Moreover, the placement of Bixby button just below the volume rocker, made the situation bad to worse.

The simple toggle will make it easy to turn off the feature.

If you can't stop them, join them... reluctantly. But as the image above shows, I've received it in France, which is usually the last place to get updates.

But really, Samsung still has work to do.

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