Richard Branson Details Hurricane Irma Experience in Emotional New Video

Cheryl Sanders
September 21, 2017

Sir Richard Branson, whose own Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands was devastated by Hurricane Irma, is urging the creation of a long-term "Marshall Plan" for the British Virgin Islands, modeled on the massive United States aid package that helped to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Maria, a Category 3 strength hurricane, followed closely in Irma's path and hammered the Leeward Islands on Monday evening, leaving even more widespread damage to the islands only two weeks after Irma's wrath.

Still, with another storm, Maria, barreling toward the British Virgin Islands, where a hurricane warning is in effect, Branson said the first priority was to "deal with immediate aftermath of that and just making sure everybody is all right".

Sir Richard Branson has a message for climate change deniers: enough is enough. "It literally devastated the British Virgin Islands". The cost, Branson believes, is all thanks to climate change.

The business tycoon who rode out the hurricane in his wine cellar on Necker Island expressed the view that the catastrophic hurricanes are just the beginning of future troubles because of climate change. We've all got to pull together and turn our world into a world run by clean energy.

Tuesday, as numerous same islands braced for the impact of Hurricane Maria, he appeared on CNN's "New Day" with a message: "Climate change is real".

Referring to hurricanes Irma, Jose, Maria and Katia, he added: "We've had four storms within a month, all far greater than have ever, ever, ever happened in history".

"Look, climate change is real", he said.

As Branson said, "Sadly, I think this is the start of things to come". Ninety-nine percent of scientists know it's real.

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