Princess Mako, Komuro announce engagement

Cheryl Sanders
September 4, 2017

Princess Mako, a granddaughter of the emperor and empress, expressed delight with her engagement to her fiance, Kei Komuro, as the young couple exchanged smiles at a news conference in Tokyo on September 3.

"First I was attracted by his bright smile", Mako said at a press conference Sunday, according to The Telegraph.

Komuro, 25, added that he is also thankful to Mako's parents, Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko, as well as many others for warmly allowing their courtship over the years.

Princess Mako is the first of Emperor Akihito's four grandchildren who will walk down the aisle, and when she marries there will only be 13 female members left in the royal family. Mr Komuro pledged to have "a relaxed and peaceful" home together.

Kei Komuro actually proposed to the Princess in 2013 and now she has spoken about their love for the first time.

Sunday was picked for the announcement as about two months have passed since the disaster and in light of the schedules of the Emperor, the Empress and the parents of Princess Mako, as well as the impact on Komuro's work.

In 2016, 83-year-old Emperor Akihito announced publicly that poor health following heart surgery and prostate cancer had made him unfit to properly fulfill his duties as emperor of the country.

Bodyguards from the Imperial Guard are supposed to accompany Princess Mako when she goes out.

According to the Japan Times, Princess Mako will be registered as an ordinary citizen once married, receiving all the same rights ordinary citizens enjoy - including the right to vote.

Mako is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino, the second son of the Emperor and second in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne after Prince Naruhito. Since then she has attended official events as a member of the royal family, visiting victims of the 2011 Tohoku quake and tsunami.

Her engagement is set to be announced in the coming weeks.

Komuro, a resident of Yokohama, is working at a Tokyo law firm as well as studying business law at the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy.

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