President Trump Strikes Nerve With North Korea

Carla Harmon
September 23, 2017

Tens of thousands of Pyongyang residents were gathered in the capital's Kim Il-Sung Square Saturday to laud leader Kim Jong-Un's denunciation of US President Donald Trump.

Trump has led global efforts to address North Korea, signing an executive order to implement new economic sanctions Thursday.

"People say this is all part of its brinkmanship strategy to force the United States to come forward for negotiation".

South Korea's spy agency has said the North could fire an ICBM toward the Pacific in the days surrounding the October 10 anniversary of the foundation of the ruling Workers' Party.

In a rare statement issued by a leader of the reclusive state, Kim condemned Trump for making "eccentric words" at the U.N. General Assembly that he claimed insulted him and his country, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

Kim, in his typical style, responded with his own bellicose statement.

Kim said Trump was "playing with fire" and warned his regime "will consider with seriousness exercising of a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history".

"You come to my house and insult my president", he said, "who granted, I think isn't fit to sit in a White Castle, let alone a White House".

Kim had delivered a tongue-lashing of his own - vowing to "surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged USA dotard with fire", in an address read out on state television by a star news anchor before a still image of Kim at his desk.

"No nation on Earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles", Trump said in his address at the UN.

"Kim Jong-un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before", Trump tweeted. "And yesterday he basically took the banking industry from North Korea". Yet it is still South Korea, and its capital Seoul close to the heavily militarized frontier with the North, that faces the greatest immediate risk in a military conflict.

But he said there were questions about North Korea's technical capabilities and Washington did not give "too much credence" to Pyongyang taking such action.

"We do not desire the collapse of North Korea".

He promised to "tame" Trump "with fire". After North Korea threatened to launch a missile at the American territory Guam, Mr Trump promised that the U.S. would bring "fire and fury" to North Korea if the country continued to threaten the U.S. and its allies.

His government decided Thursday to resume humanitarian aid to North Korea to help children and pregnant women but didn't determine when to provide the $8 million worth of assistance.

The spokesman, Lu Kang, said Beijing complies with U.N. Security Council resolutions. The United States' only test of an operational ballistic missile with a live warhead was sacked from a submarine far out in the Pacific Ocean in 1962.

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