'Overwhelming Evidence': Prince William Not Alone in Calls for UK Drug Reform

Carla Harmon
September 22, 2017

According to Robert Lacey-a historian who also consults on Netflix's The Crown-William and the Queen have always enjoyed a "special closeness", and she has "taken a particular interest in him".

The third person questioned said that he didn't think drugs should be legalised.

Blackburn added that punishment would not help anyone taking drugs and would "even do more harm". Is she the most stunning Princess the Royal family has ever seen?

Blackburn replied: "No, it just punishes what you've done, not the reasons why". The royals will host World Mental Health Day, which is bring attention to mental health in the workplace. "So prison doesn't tackle the root cause of why someone is taking drugs?"

Yes, you read that right, there were two royal wedding dresses.

After being congratulated during the visit, William told one midwife: "All the best with the midwifery, I may see you sooner than you think".

Jason Malham, 45, a recovering heroin addict originally from Melbourne, Australia, said: "Personally, I believe that they should not be made legal". But recently, through the video, Prince William's wife just launched the "You're never too young to talk mental health" campaign by the said center for families and children.

For more than 50 years SCT has provided services for addicts who are usually rough sleepers, something William is likely to have come across in his support for the homeless charities Centrepoint, in his role as patron, and The Passage.

"There is a rapidly growing movement of experts and organizations from public health, law enforcement and primary care that recognise the current system of punitive drug laws in the United Kingdom is failing on every measure - particularly health", Shirley Cramer, CBE, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health, told Sputnik.

Their report urged policymakers to shift away from treating drugs as a criminal justice issue and to move to a public health and harm reduction-based approach.

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