Now you will able to delete sent messages from your friend's WhatsApp

Now you will able to delete sent messages from your friend's WhatsApp

Yolanda Curtis
September 13, 2017

WhatsApp is testing a new feature called "Delete for everyone".

WhatsApp looks like it is in the final stages of testing its Delete For Everyone feature that will allow you to delete a message you've sent, hopefully before those little ticks turn blue. A report in The Independent suggests that users will be able to recall messages within five minutes of sending them.

The Unsend function is expected to work on all kinds of messages, including text, photos, videos, GIFs, and files.

"Delete for everyone feature: WhatsApp is finally testing the Delete for Everyone feature: the server finally works and it successfully recalls the message". If your message is received by the device, then you are out of luck. It also said that though the server is working, it does not imply that the feature is now enabled.

Fair play to you if you've never been guilty, but we don't consider it a stretch to say that most of us have, at one point, sent a text message that we lived to regret shortly afterwards. The insider also notes that even though the server is now working, users still has to wait until WhatsApp finally enable the feature remotely.

While that is something WhatsApp will have to explain, its 1 billion-plus users are just waiting to sample the new feature. With WhatsApp Business, the company will start monetizing the app; now it is also under the testing phase.

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