Not a Single Living Person Left on Barbuda

Cheryl Sanders
September 17, 2017

The hurricane was 378 miles wide when it descended on Barbuda, which is just 62 square miles.

Maarten for example, Irma destroyed several hotels with footage showing some of them flattened by the powerful winds. The island has no running water, power, or communication services. An estimated 95 per cent of Barbuda's structures were damaged or destroyed by the storm, including the island's sole hospital, airport, and its schools. "It shows we have other Caribbean brothers and sisters who are standing in solidarity with us", Browne said after taking the delegation on a walk-though Barbuda's devastated capital, Codrington."Clearly, this is a very hard time for Antigua and Barbuda and we are very appreciative of the support and, certainly, all of the pledges that will be made", he added.In the British Virgin Islands, where the delegation toured affected communities and met with Premier Dr Orlando Smith and Government and Disaster Management officials, the release said that the focus is on meeting critical immediate needs such as water and food supplies while simultaneously working on arrangements for getting students back into schools. Beyond that, despite the treacherous conditions which lingered over Barbuda on the afternoon of the Hurricane's passage, Browne was the first person to arrive on the island via a unsafe helicopter ride.

The statement may not be completely accurate.

Many of Barbuda's residents were relocated to Antigua, which did not suffer as much damage. In those circumstances, it would have been irresponsible for any government to leave anyone on Barbuda.

"Hurricane Irma was the most ferocious, cruel and merciless storm".

Prime Minister Gaston Browne called it "just miraculous" that only one person died due to the disaster.

Not only does the island need to rebuild the homes and infrastructure, it wants to rebuild them to withstand hurricanes stronger than Irma. According to assessments, the most urgent needs for islanders are food, water, and shelter.

Sanders says the world must step up and help Barbuda.

"We are a small island community - the gross domestic product of Antigua is $1 billion a year", he told USA Today.

Residents of St. John's, Antigua, said that they want people to know that their island is still open for business, hoping that tourism money, as well as global aid, will help pay for reconstruction on neighbouring Barbuda. While Antigua could not have expected an overnight influx of the entire Barbuda population, in less than two days the government mobilised every resource to accommodate and care for them.

He also promised to release records of all relief money the government receives and how it's used.

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