No need yet to shoot down North Korean missiles

Cheryl Sanders
September 19, 2017

Secretary of State Rex TillersonRex Wayne TillersonUS limiting visas in four countries for refusing deportations Senate votes down Paul's bid to revoke war authorizations 'Game of Thrones' polling company takes on White House shakeups MORE on Sunday stressed that the USA wants to come to a peaceful solution to the North Korean threat but warned that a military option is a last resort.

"Yes, there are", Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon when asked whether there were military options that would not seriously endanger Seoul. While Mattis confirmed that he did discuss the issue of redeploying tactical nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula, when he sat down with his South Korean counterpart last month, Reuters said he didn't make it clear whether the measure is now under review. US nuclear weapons were withdrawn from the Korean peninsula in the early 1990s at the close of the Cold War.

"Were they aimed at Guam, or the US territory, that would elicit a different response", Mattis added. "I want to say", he said.

"This regime is so close now to threatening the United States and others with a nuclear weapon that we really have to move with a great deal of urgency on sanctions, on diplomacy, and on preparing, if necessary, a military option", he added.

Tensions have run high in the region as North Korea has tested a series of ballistic missiles as well as a nuclear weapon it claims was an H-bomb.

Last week, North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile that traveled 2,300 miles and passed over the Japanese island of Hokkaido before landing in the northern Pacific. Mattis happened to be at U.S. Strategic Command headquarters near Omaha, Nebraska, at the time of the launch and afterward condemned it for forcing "millions of Japanese" to "duck and cover".

Decorated soldier Lt Col Daniel Davis said he was "concerned" US President Donald Trump will not back down as he warned taking on the rogue nation would have "virtually no chance of success". "So they aim for the middle of the Pacific Ocean".

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