No long queues in Hong Kong on iPhone 8 launch day

Yolanda Curtis
September 24, 2017

But it's not just the price that sets this smartphone apart, the new iPhone 8 is also said to have a longer battery life which will no doubt be appealing to many a user, as well as coming in a greater variety of colours.

Apple staff opened the doors at 8am on Friday with scores of people cued up in anticipation of the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 series and the Apple Watch Series 3.

There were barely thirty customers in line minutes before the doors opened

But some general retailers said they were sure the new iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus - which start at 5,888 yuan (US$892) in the mainland - will quickly become available at lower prices than their official launch prices when they finally start to hit other shelves across the country. You can also walk into a store like Best Buy or a cellular carrier outlet to get one without the fuss. "There aren't too many new features to this one".

According to analysts cited by The Wall Street Journal, a big reason why demand for the iPhone 8 is seemingly tepid is precisely due to the fact that most customers are holding on to purchase an iPhone X.

Will you buy the newly announced $1000 iPhone X? Apple's shares have fallen recently because of concerns about early iPhone 8 sales.

The new flagship iPhone X uses new components, such as an OLED display, that are more hard to manufacture, and Apple's high, rigorous standards are the reason why it will be another six weeks before it hits the market.

Released 10 years after the first iPhone, the iPhone X is being marketed as the future of the product line.

"I would earn less than 100 yuan selling an iPhone 8 today", said Fu, who added she had bought her handsets mainly from Hong Kong, where retail prices of iPhones are 15-20 per cent cheaper than mainland China.

Robert Cihra, an analyst at Guggenheim Partners, told the WSJ that people not rushing out to buy an iPhone 8 might actually be a good thing.

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