Microsoft announces general availability of SQL Server 2017

Yolanda Curtis
September 25, 2017

And following the 2016 introduction of AWS' Shield service, which stops applications from being overwhelmed by distributed denial-of-service attacks, Microsoft is now coming out with a comparable tool - the same technology that Microsoft uses to keep Office 365 and Xbox Live running.

New capabilities in Microsoft 365 F1 include updates to Windows 10 that improve the deployment and management of remote devices, along with capabilities for configuring locked down, single objective experiences. F1, which is for firstline workers (those employees who engage customers or represent a company) includes Office 365 F1, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Microsoft says this development is significant, as first-line workers form the backbone of numerous world's largest industries but have been largely left behind in digital transformation. It includes Office 365 for Education, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows 10, and Minecraft: Education Edition. Companies would use this service for sending massive amounts of data they want Microsoft to host, but that would be too slow or costly to upload over the internet.

Microsoft launched Teams, a Slack look-alike software, in March, and says it has been adopted by 125,000 organizations.

Microsoft 365 F1 targets the so-called "firstline worker" in the enterprise. This includes a private preview of Bing for Business, Integration of LinkedIn data with Office 365 profile cards, general improvements to Office 365 search and the company is also touting "My People" as an enhancement as well but that has already been announced as a feature of the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

There are two new tiers of the platform; 365 Education and 365 F1.

A year and a half ago, Microsoft announced that it will be bringing SQL Server to Linux, offering the first public preview later on that year.

The fully-automated Database Migration Service and SQL DB Managed Instance are also now available for customers to easily lift and shift their on-prem SQL server databases to an Azure SQL database.

To help IT Pros manage their environments, Microsoft is adding new features to make it simpler to manage users and devices.

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