Microsoft adds its gaming chief to its Senior Leadership Team

Yolanda Curtis
September 20, 2017

In 2014, in his first big companywide strategy memo, Nadella defined gaming as outside Microsoft's core businesses, but still a very important "other business in which we can have fundamental impact".

Spencer, who joined the company in 1988, has been the head of Xbox, Microsoft Studios and Microsoft Game Studios and is credited with turning around the fortunes of the company's gaming interests following a shaky launch for the Xbox One. Spencer will now report directly to CEO Satya Nadella, as a member of his executive leadership team.

Recently, Epic Games Fortnite allowed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Players to cross-play the game online, despite the fact that it was never advertised.

Spencer is both a passionate gamer and seasoned gaming executive serving more than 15 years in the gaming industry leading global business, creative and engineering teams.

Previously, Spencer was head of Xbox, and he has also held positions as head of Microsoft Studios and Microsoft Game Studios.

Spencer has notably been with Microsoft as part of the Xbox team since 2002, not long after the original Xbox debuted and Microsoft began its foray into the world of gaming. Some of the company's new initiatives, like HoloLens and mixed reality, as well as the "3D for Everyone" focus of the Windows team, are linked tightly to what Microsoft is doing in gaming.

Microsoft has been looking to gaming as one of its main ways to help monetize Windows.

The organisational change is effective immediately, and followed an announcement from Mr Nadella to Microsoft's employees.

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