Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kristen Bell in Orlando After Hurricane Irma

Carla Harmon
September 13, 2017

When she heard that her fellow "Frozen" actor Josh Gad's family was stranded in Florida, she helped them secure shelter at the hotel where she was staying.

This is certainly true for Frozen actress Kristen Bell, who got stuck in Florida while filming a movie but managed to make the best out of the situation.

But instead of hunkering down in her room, Kristen organized a series of activities for a group of senior citizens who had been evacuated to the hotel from their nursing homes.

"I told him you were Johnny Carson cause he didn't know who you were", Bell admitted. While it hasn't exactly been the typical Disney vacation, the actress said the group has "been making the most of a insane situation" by singing Disney tunes, playing plenty of Bingo, and even staging some wheelchair races.

"We've been making the most of a insane situation!" she told Jimmy Kimmel, before praising specific employees at the resort who have forgone sleep to help guests.

During his chat with Bell, Jimmy Kimmel recognized an elderly gentleman named John sitting beside Bell, whom she sang with in an Instagram video.

Making the most of it.

"We have so many people, and it's not just seniors here!"

She then introduced John, another new friend she had made while being trapped inside the hotel during the storm. Big shout out to Gary for all the toilet paper running and Kristen's 'side piece in Orlando, ' John.

'I'm swamped under, but with handsome women, ' replied the smooth-talking ladies man. "I'll never be the same".

Getting the group together.

Bell then panned the camera across the room where dozens of people had gathered. Bell appeared to be participating in a talent show and hosting a wheelchair race at the hotel.

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