Jennifer Lawrence Taking a Hiatus From Acting

Carla Harmon
September 17, 2017

On E!News the actress, who recently announced that it would stop spinning for two years, confesses that she is definitely not ready to become a mom.

Couple since October last year with the film director Darren Aronofski, Jennifer Lawrence, 27 years of age, does not seem to have in mind of starting a family.

So our fave Hollywood gal J-Law is now promoting her new film, Mother! - but after a very busy few years, she's ready to take some well-earned time off. News, actress Jennifer Lawrence had a very honest answer: "Imagine that the older I get the less I want, what begins to worry me ..."

"But that's what makes it a masterpiece and that's what makes Darren so brilliant and that's why I've always wanted to work with him".

But the other night I couldn't find a straight-to-video flick on Netflix that looked interesting, so I made the fateful, or should I say fatal, decision to watch Mother! on a popular torrent site.

The Oscar winning actress also spoke about how she handles fame, reports I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, now I know what they mean by "curiosity killed the cat". "At first it was really overwhelming and I thought, 'Is this going to be the rest of my life?'" A statement that helps us better understand his sudden urge to step back.

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