IPhone X To Affect iPhone 8 Sales

Yolanda Curtis
September 20, 2017

A report by MIT Technology Review reveals that while the core technology may not be innovative, Apple's 3D face-scanning methodology could be the next step to biometric capabilities on a smartphone. "Don't buy the spendiest one", Fowler concludes. It's the culmination of several months of iPhone pricing controversy, after wide speculation about just how much Apple could afford to charge for the iPhone X. Particularly since features like Face ID are still unproven as a replacement for Touch ID.

"It's an iPhone", Patel concluded.

While production delays tend to be commonplace with any new iPhone release, the delay associated with the iPhone X is somewhat unprecedented.

The iPhone X represents a number of firsts. It's simple, they want the iPhone X that will provide other features, an wonderful screen, good camera and at a price that will be a little over the one for iPhone 8 Plus. Instead, Apple announced that iPhone X pre-orders will begin on 27 October, with shipping to begin 3 November.

Baig praised the "lovely" design and said that while wireless charging is convenient it's "not liberating".

TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino said his iPhone 8 review was "a camera review" and that most upgraders should think about that feature most. They reached the conclusion that the iPhone X might interfere with iPhone 8 preorders that went live last Friday. iPhone 8 will be available in a week or two to be ordered online as any other iPhone that has been available from six weeks since the first preorder wave.

As to the root of the problem, rumor has it that Apple experienced some technical hurdles involving the iPhone X's advanced OLED display. This would make customers take a closer look to the iPhone 8.

Speaking on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA), Cook argued that the cost is totally reasonable when accounting "for the technology that you're getting".

"There's nothing bad about this phone", Nguyen concludes, but said Android users should check out the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 while iPhone users might want to wait for the iPhone X.

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