Instagram Stories becomes Facebook's next step in ads

Yolanda Curtis
September 12, 2017

Once you select this option, you will be able to select your friend or group with whom you want to share that story. Facebook's also announced a new user-facing Stories feature created to increase sharing of ephemeral content.

The direct message icon will now appear whenever you watch a Story.

Home improvement company Lowe's and advertising agency BBDO have worked together in the past and teamed up again to create an Instagram Stories campaign made up of 64 micro-videos showing how to transform a tiny, unused room into a useful space.

As an example, if you find a story you want to share, you'll see the "Direct" icon on the bottom right of all stories, so long as the original Story account allows for sharing.

Instagram is also adding new tools for brands, allowing them to easily upload new content to be used for Stories into the Ads Manager. The update will be available on iOS and Android platforms with their respective new versions.

Once the Story expires, it vanishes instantly from the inbox. You can now send public story posts to your friends using Instagram Direct.

If you are more curious to know how you can make use of this new Direct share feature, just follow a few simple steps which are given below. Adapting Facebook ads as brand Instagram stories risks diminishing the in-the-moment quality that's made the feature such a success. However, some users might not feel comfortable about the idea of letting other people share their stories with complete strangers. Photo: Instagram Once you select who you want to share with, you can also write a message if you want to give some context for why you're sending the story.

You're done! You have successfully shared shared an Instagram story with your friends or in a group in the direct message.

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