I Wouldn't Have 'Dangerous' Trump on My Show — Ellen DeGeneres

Carla Harmon
September 22, 2017

Kelly said, "I really am hoping that in this next iteration of my professional self, I can form more human connections". And Ellen misses no beats at all when she fires back that she would have no problems turning Trump down, earning a loud ovation from the audience. And she means that he's not only unsafe to her personally, as a gay woman, but that he's a danger to the world. And he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across.

Ellen added that there is nothing she can say to change him, and she doesn't want him to use her show as an avenue for him to speak his mind.

DeGeneres said she only invites people on the show who she feels some sort of admiration for. "I just don't want him on the show".

"I would not have him on my show", she said.

Finally, she said, she made a decision to leave in January.

This is not the first time Ellen has voiced that opinion.

Likewise, Kelly asked DeGeneres if she would say no to Mr. Trump. During her sit-down interview with KRIS6 Anchor Priscilla Torres, Kelly explains how her journey has been anything but easy. She also alluded to Trump's repeated vocal and derogatory criticism of her and her show.

Kelly and Trump had a public war of words during the 2016 presidential race. After she was the moderator for the debate when he was a candidate for the Republican nomination, he spoke some cruel things about her and accused her of being unfair based on the questions she asked him.

Kelly said that she didn't leave specifically because of the tweets that Donald Trump was putting out during the campaign.

It is apparent that the two talk show hosts have different agendas for their shows.

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