Hurricane Harvey victims deserve their aid politics

Henrietta Brewer
September 3, 2017

But the problem is that we tend to believe that everyone in Washington is a hypocrite - they like filibusters when they're in the minority but hate them when they're in the majority, they hate the courts meddling with legislation when the laws they pass get struck down but beg the courts to strike down the other side's laws, and so on.

That's because most members of the Texas congressional delegation voted to oppose a $60.4 billion emergency relief package for New Jersey and NY after Hurricane Sandy slammed into those states' shorelines in the fall of 2012.

And before the worst of Harvey's flooding had even been realized, Representative Peter King, a Republican who represents the Long Island area whacked hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, poked at Cruz for his 2013 vote against an aide bill for King's district.

Christie called on Cruz to essentially apologize for claiming most of the bill had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy. The paper's grading scale goes like this: one Pinnochio ("some shading of the facts"), two Pinnochios ("significant omissions and/or exaggerations"), three Pinnochios ("significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions"), and four Pinnochios ("whoppers").

Christie said famously conservative Cruz was lying when he called the bill pork. He should just stand up and say, 'You know what? "Puts it down. Lies".

His TV appearances Wednesday are the latest in a series of blistering verbal attacks Christie has unleashed against Cruz in recent days, raking him over the coals for wanting Harvey aid despite voting against funds for Christie's state when it was in a similar time of need.

"With real-life experience and top-notch training, the emergency response members from our Joint Base and our State Police are invaluable resources that will help lift Texas out of the devastation and despair caused by Hurricane Harvey", Governor Christie said.

Christie told "Fox & Friends" hosts that Cruz perpetrated a falsehood estimating that two-thirds of the relief package was "pork", or wasteful spending. It was a $50 billion bill, 70 percent of which was not emergency aid.

In 2012, the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and southern NY were slammed with Sandy and received aid and rescue help from several states and the federal government. Rep. Poe echoed their talking points Tuesday evening on PBS, saying the Sandy relief bill contained too much money for things that had nothing to do with the storm, and that the funding bill for Harvey will ask for funding only for Harvey relief.

Cruz, Republican Texas Sen.

Of the 24 GOP members of the Texas House delegation in 2013, the only "yes" vote was Rep. John Culberson, whose district includes Houston.

"They fought us when we sought relief in the wake of Sandy", Blumenthal said.

"I hope he doesn't" do that with Harvey aid, Christie said of Pence, who as a congressman during Katrina.

After his "no" vote, Cruz released a statement, saying in part, "Hurricane Sandy inflicted devastating damage on the East Coast, and Congress appropriately responded with hurricane relief".

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