Here's your first look at Raiden (and Black Lightning!) in Injustice 2

Carla Harmon
September 18, 2017

Hopefully it's different from the one Raiden shows off. For those who wish there was another DC character instead, there's the Black Lightning premiere skin, which will be released for free to everyone who owns the Ultimate Edition. Fighter Pack 2 is included with Injustice's 2 Ultimate Edition but it is also available to purchase separately although there has been no official word on how much it will be. Today, NetherRealm Studios revealed gameplay for Raiden with a slight twist pertaining to his character.

After launching to monster sales numbers this past May, NeatherRealm Studios has managed to keep Injustice 2 fans happy through monthly releases of brand new content. Thus far, the Fighter Pack 2 includes Black Manta, and Hellboy in addition to the aforementioned. This was the case for Sub-Zero, the other Mortal Kombat guest, who has plenty of gear that completely alters his look his initial look.

Then we see a few of Raiden's basic moves before we see the really cool ones come out. From there, Raiden flies his opponent upward and creates the Mortal Kombat logo in front of a full moon. The dragon comes alive and rains the power of thunder and lightning on Raiden's enemy.

You can't spell Mortal Kombat without Raiden and a concussion, and it looks like the same might be true for Injustice 2 as EarthRealm's protective deity is headed to this year's best fighting game. Basically, they're quasi new characters.

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