Final Fantasy IX Announced For The PS4

Pablo Tucker
September 19, 2017

Noctis was pegged to be included ever since the listing for the game leaked back in June prior to E3 2017.

The trailer, which clocks at just under two minutes, also showed a lot of actual gameplay footage. We'll have to wait and see for the time being, but it's worth waiting for.

The addition of Noctis does not come as a big surprise for followers of the beloved franchise.

It's not clear when Final Fantasy IX on PS4 will be released in the West, but it's expected to be pretty close to the Japanese release. A European and United Kingdom release date is yet to be confirmed, but it'll be available to download from the PlayStation Store in Japan later today. I could agree with that if the game didn't totally lose its way on the last disc, but it remains one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series without a doubt. If that's true, it would most likely be a new port of the previously-released PC version of the game, or perhaps something more.

While a PlayStation 4 release of the game has not been officially announced yet, there is certainly precedent for such a release.

Producer Ichiro Hazama said the company wants to make sure that its relationship with Sony is honored and that the game is perfected before they consider other platforms.

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