Democrat defends involvement in Trump voting commission

Cheryl Sanders
September 13, 2017

"College students are eligible to vote if they declare domicile here, but anybody who does that then has to comply with the laws of the state", Jasper explained, according to WMUR9.

"Every four years, activists from other states attempt to take away our first-in-the-nation primary, and they will now quote the vice chair of this commission".

"That's what the Russian government did before the 2016 election".

In the September 7 article, Kobach said out-of-state voters "likely" changed - through voter fraud - the outcome of New Hampshire's 2016 U.S. Senate race, in which Democrat Maggie Hassan unseated incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte by fewer than 800 votes.

And, finally, newly released state data reveal that 6,540 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Election Day 2016 (Nov. 8) using out-of-state driver's licenses. An individual who was a driver in another state, but moves to New Hampshire and is not a driver in New Hampshire, does not need to get a driver's license.

This is not a recipe for vote fraud; it's a fully baked cake.

President Donald Trump in February told a group of senators that he lost New Hampshire because thousands of MA residents crossed state lines to vote. Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost her seat to Democrat Maggie Hassan by a mere 1,017 votes out of 739,140 cast.

"Any commission tasked with looking at the integrity of our elections should be bipartisan and should not be trying to make voting harder", said CLC president Trevor Potter. The evidence suggests he was right. And instead of doing that they ought to be encouraging Americans to vote. No proof was needed.

"I don't have proof there's widespread voter fraud, but that doesn't mean that there might not be".

White House Policy Adviser Stephen Miller and other Republicans have contended since Election Day that a considerable number of nonresident Democrats - primarily from MA - traveled to New Hampshire in order to vote illegally and tip the scale to give Clinton the win over Trump.

"It is legal in New Hampshire for you to have a MA driver's license and MA plates on your auto and pay out-of-state tuition to the university and still be eligible to vote because you are domiciled in New Hampshire, meaning you spend most of your nights here", Smith said during the first panel. All had claimed the same address - a public park.

The whole objective of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is to come up with evidence to support President Donald Trump's baseless contention that Hillary Clinton bested him in the popular vote in 2016 because of massive voter fraud by undocumented immigrants.

President Trump's voter fraud commission gets back to work on Tuesday with little to show for it besides a flimsy conspiracy theory and a series of lawsuits. Democrats challenged the measure during legislative debate, but Republicans, who control it, contended existing state laws create the potential for fraud. Guess what else? Election day is in November, when they would be at school.

The usual suspects whined loudly when it was introduced.

"It's a commission that is about promoting this false and unsafe narrative that vote fraud is something that's widespread across the country and we know that that's just not the case", says Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. "President Trump is wrong. This includes long-time New Hampshire residents who don't drive and don't have a driver's license; it includes thousands of students from other states who live in New Hampshire while attending school; and it includes military personnel from other states who live in New Hampshire while on active duty", Shaheen wrote.

Dunlap said New Hampshire's law is not as strict as Maine's. The League of Women Voters, the leftwing group masquerading as a nonpartisan charity, is the main plaintiff, along with three individuals.

Allegations that the (fake) reports of widespread fraud are undermining faith in the voting system - thus justifying actions to purge millions from the rolls and restrict voting.

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