Could Kingsman star Taron Egerton be the next James Bond?

Carla Harmon
September 19, 2017

In 2015 director Matthew Vaughn with the help of longtime screenwriting partner Jane Goldman turned the movie spy conceit on its head with the twisty and welcomely frenetic Kingsman: The Secret Service. More top names will get in on the act. "Gone, however, is much of the creativity, the unpredictable, see-what-sticks depravity", the Village Voice's Bilge Ebiri wrote in his review.

Kingsman: The Secret Service pitched itself as a spy series for the modern world. "Unlike some other directors of big franchise extravaganzas, Vaughn actually seems to prefer character, dialogue and humor to chases and explosion", he argues, "and he makes mostly very good use of his nearly invariably well-chosen actors by identifying their appeal and drawing out their humor".

Of course, if you've glimpsed even the slightest bit of the promotional material for this sequel you'll know that Harry's demise wasn't as permanent as first assumed - Firth even appeared on the red carpet for The Golden Circle's premiere.

She joins Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Mark Strong in the sequel of the Kingsman franchise.

With the Kingsman being named after members of King Arthur's Round Table, it's certainly interesting that the American-based Statesman would name themselves after drinks.

After the trailer dedicated to the antagonist sexy Poppy, played by the great Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, a. k. a agent Tequila. Here, we find him agreeing to meet the king and queen of Sweden for dinner, since his girlfriend (the entirely bland Hanna Alström) happens to be their daughter - which, one supposes, puts this Kingsman in line to the Swedish throne.

I'm getting bored just typing all this.

Kingsman: The golden Circle or the clash of cultures. In the first Kingsman, limbs are severed, spy tropes are methodically subverted, and Eggsy comes away with a sharp suit and a lesson about transcending social class. Here, it's more like orientation sessions with a bunch of boilerplate cowboy banter sprinkled in. Charlie, now menacingly equipped with a bionic arm, is these days in the service of new pantomime big bad, Poppy Adams, played with lysergic glee by Julianne Moore.

However, more than any other star on the day, it was Sir Elton John who stole the show. In her first scene she happily demands a recruit throw a disloyal employee into a meat grinder so she can make a hamburger out of him. She declares a war on the world's leaders and launches an attack on the Kingsman's headquarters. How in the hell did they manage to bring Harry Hart (Firth) back from the bed?

It's common for action movies to end with a hint at the sequel. To prove just how much fun a sequence like this could be, we get the diegetic use of Prince's seminal "Let's Go Crazy" as the fight ensues and Charlie's cohorts follow in heavily armed sedans. That's amusing, but it doesn't come out of nowhere like the weird original gag did. If the first Kingsman left you going "Wow!" this one leaves you saying "".

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