Bendable smartphone coming soon; know the expected release date, features, price

Pablo Tucker
September 25, 2017

The idea has been around for a while as Samsung showcased a prototype with a flexible display four years ago. Samsung's CEO has officially confirmed that the foldable smartphone is indeed happening and the smartphone is expected to make its way to South Korea first.

What sets the Samsung Galaxy X concept apart from other smartphones is its "bendable" or "foldable" nature.

Samsung Galaxy X was code named "Project Valley". According to recent reports, it has already been certified in South Korea and could be coming some time next year. Also, in the filing the device is listed out as a "radio equipment for global LTE communication", while it was spotted as a "smartphone" at the Wi-Fi Alliance. We have seen smartphone manufacturers tinker with displays so far, with Samsung's flagship devices sporting a curved display, LG's V series featuring a secondary display and the likes of Vivo sticking a secondary display at the back of the phone.

Later, new reports suggested that Samsung has no plans to release it in 2017, instead, Samsung will release Galaxy X in 2019 with foldable OLED displays.

It has been reported that Samsung might be facing technical issues when it comes to these kinds of screen hardware.

The president of the Samsung Mobile business unit says that the company may launch the new device in 2018. Regardless of whether it was a day one update or not, the software package should now be available for download on all Galaxy Note 8 models connected to T-Mobile's network and if you still haven't received a notification prompting you to download it, it may have been installed automatically overnight or you simply need to trigger a manual scan for from your system Settings app. The news is being the biggest information we have got.

Forbes points out that Samsung has been playing around with bending displays since it launched the Galaxy Note Edge, followed by the Galaxy S6 Edge. We also do not know much about the name, but "Galaxy X" seems to be the popular consensus as of now.

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