'At least' four dead in United Kingdom motorway pile-up

Cheryl Sanders
September 17, 2017

The crash involved several vehicles, including a lorry.

Emergency services were called just after 14:30 BST to junctions 15 and 14 in Gloucestershire.

Emergency Services say the road is likely to stay closed for a considerable time.

Highways England stated there was six miles of traffic congested northbound of the closure, and two miles stretching southbound.

"There were many people with blood on their bodies and then the auto that had been forced down into the ditch with the lorry was surrounded by many men who were trying their hardest to get out the people inside... the emergency services were incredible but honestly it was the worst crash I've ever seen".

The force said: "Four people are believed to have died and a number of others have been taken to hospitals in the Bristol area". Just seen the first ambulance leave the scene. "One was completely wrecked and another had flipped over".

The motorway is closed in both directions after the crash, which happened at about 2.30pm on Saturday.

"People are helping as much as they can", he said.

He said drivers who had been stuck on the carriageway for a few hours were in effect "extremely supportive".

"The woman and the children are in a critical condition", said the witness.

The lorry that has slammed has hit what M5 workers will know as a well-known historic point, a windsock beside the street.

Interstates England said the "early desire" is that the M5 "will stay shut in the two bearings late into tonight".

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