Anthony Weiner Prosecutors Want Him Locked Up For 27 Months

Cheryl Sanders
September 21, 2017

Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner should be sentenced to about two years in prison for sexting a 15-year-old girl, federal prosecutors in NY said on Wednesday, writing in the sentencing memorandum that while Weiner's steep fall from grace is "indisputably sad", there remains a real need for deterrence.

Defense lawyers had portrayed the girl as an aggressor, saying she wanted to generate material for a book and possibly influence the presidential election.

In September 2016, the girl was paid by the Daily Mail for an interview about her exchanges with Weiner.

The government urged the judge to put Weiner's claims of a therapeutic awakening in a context of a man who made similar claims after embarrassing, widely publicized interactions with adult women in the past.

Prosecutors admitted Weiner never tried to meet the girl in person-and didn't have child pornography on any of his devices-but maintained he needed jail time in order to deter himself and others.

'Weiner's criminal conduct was very serious, and the sentence imposed should reflect that seriousness'.

Anthony Weiner's lawyers submitted more than 200 pages of documents in their bid to keep him out of prison.

"Adulation from strangers allowed Anthony to avoid grappling with his emotional deficits - at least until his career and personal life crashed down spectacularly", the memo said.

Abedin filed for divorce the day of his guilty plea but still wrote in support of his bid for leniency. He's facing a maximum of 10 years.

"During the latter two Skype sessions, on February 18 and 23, 2016, and in a Snapchat communication on March 9, the defendant used graphic and obscene language to ask the Minor Victim to display her naked body and touch herself, which she did". The FBI under then-director James Comey, already looking into Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state, reviewed the emails.

His alias "Carlos Danger" was disclosed in the course of that scandal.

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