Will Twitter Suspend Donald Trump's Account? Kal Penn Wants To Know

Cheryl Sanders
August 13, 2017

President Trump tweeted earlier this week.

Trump said this week the USA would unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea if it continued to threaten the U.S. I mean, if we've learned nothing about President Trump at this point, we have learned that President Trump likes to use inflammatory language.

It is disconcerting that Trump just 24 hours ago threatened nuclear war with North Korea, and now he's out golfing, as many Americans worry.

On Jan. 27, Trump made an executive order to create the Nuclear Posture Review, which will analyze the U.S.' nuclear capabilities.

The man who wrote "The Shining", "Carrie", "It" and "Misery" appears to be spooked by the thought of our nuclear arsenal under the command of Donald Trump.

Nine countries have or are believed to have nuclear weapons, according to the Arms Control Association.

Though Trump briefly paid Obama respect when the two met during the transition period, he quickly reverted back to criticizing the former president after taking office, taking aim at key cornerstones of Obama's legacy like the Affordable Care Act and the landmark Paris climate agreement.

Trump has spent the week escalating tensions with North Korea after the nation announced it was moving forward with developing plans to attack the island territory of Guam.

"I think the wording of [Trump's] message sounded like it had been penned by Pyongyang", Klingner told TheBlaze.

Stephen Schwartz, an independent nuclear-weapons policy analyst and author of "Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of US Nuclear Weapons Since 1940", tweeted that Trump's claim to have significantly modernized and improved the US' arsenal was "patently absurd".

"Since the early 1990s we've used the NY channel as a way of communicating with Pyongyang because we don't have diplomatic relations with North Koreans", said Joel Wit, a former State Department employee and the founder of 38 North, a website for expert analysis on North Korea.

Trump's remarks came amidst reports that North Korea is coming close to obtaining an atomic weapon that can strike the US.

"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States".

Okay, now, whenever Trump says, 'We'll see.'- just to be accurate about President Trump-whenever he says, 'We'll see, ' what that means is we'll see.

Because I've not heard from one Democrat for political reasons step up and talk about a national problem, a national crisis.

"He's not going to let that happen", Graham said.

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