What Do You Make Of Aaron Rodgers' Elaborate 'Game Of Thrones' Theory?

Yolanda Curtis
August 10, 2017

There are spoilers ahead for all the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, so if you're not up to date, better flee here like the Lannister army trying to out run the Dothraki fighters on horseback.

Meanwhile, the first trailer has been released for the next episode of Game of Thrones and it looks set to ramp up the drama of the last episode even further. As for Rodgers' theory, some speculate that Tyrion's mother, Joanna Lannister, slept with Aerys on the night of her wedding to Tywin, which would make "The Mad King" Tyrion's father. This is not what he envisioned when he tried to convince Dany of his battle strategies, but now that the dragons are out of the bag, there likely is no turning back now. Indeed, whether it be Jon, Tyrion, or Varys, all seem convinced that they must convince Daenerys of the danger that is lurking in the North. Considering Tyrion will make it all the way back from Blackwater Rush to Dragonstone she will have certainly heard what happened to her brother and army.

"In the cave scene, where Jon takes Daenerys to take the cave markings, I think there is a lot of subtle chemistry happening there between the two of them, and even just Daenerys taking that tiny step forward to Jon before she asks him to bend the knee". She's not going to let this go and at some point, one of these stubborn leaders is going to have to relent for the good of the realm.

Tyrion is also shown among ruins, meaning that perhaps part of the episode will follow the aftermath of last week's battle near King's Landing.

We all know by now that Jon is the illegitimate son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, making him half dragon - and Drogon may be able to sense it.

Sam and Gilly are also seen discussing something important, amid tons of books from the Citadel. No gross out moments in this image. But will she listen?

It's hard to tell, but it appears as if Cersei is not enjoying her stay in this Trump hotel.

(Sighs) "I believe you know of whom I speak".

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