Want to drive a School Bus?

Andrew Cummings
August 23, 2017

"We understand all delays can be frustrating, but we work to make the transportation process as smooth as possible for the more than 8,000 students we transport to and from school safely".

Deputies are also out and about making sure people comply.

The Sheriff's Office will be stepping up patrols during schools hours.

State law requires that approaching drivers stop when a bus is stopped and operating a visual signal - either red flashing lights or a stop sign. Bus drivers can also call the sheriff's office and report if a motorist is driving in a risky manner, which "is simulcasted out [for deputies] to be on the lookout", he said last Friday. Locations such as Route 235 near Oakville Elementary School in Mechanicsville, Great Mills Road near Jay Dee Court in Lexington Park and Route 234 near Horseshoe Road in Clements have all been reported as "problem areas" by community members, he said.

The Westport Police Department is committing to protecting children from motorists who disregard the law, especially around school zones and bus stops where students congregate. He said footage captured on bus cameras is reviewed by an automated enforcement official, but due to inclement weather and other factors, motorists may not be issued a citation for the alleged incident based on the video footage, he said.

Dwar says driving a school bus can open up some opportunities too as after two years driving a school bus, drivers could then potentially move up to drive a City Bus or even a transportation bus with Ontario Northland or Tisdale.

Parents should also remind their children to wait for their bus in a safe place, out of the travel portion of the roadway, and only cross the street after looking both ways, even if the red lights are activated.

Most public schools in St. Mary's reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 5. A deputy will randomly be assigned to a school bus in Mercer County each week to look for school bus passing violations.

"Notifications are normally sent when buses are 15 minutes or more behind schedule, but that is adjusted to 40 minutes behind schedule during the first few days of school since so many buses run behind as routes get smoothed out".

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