Tiger Woods to enter diversion programme after impaired driving arrest

Henrietta Brewer
August 11, 2017

Woods makes it clear that he's not with Kristin Smith. Tiger Woods and Kristin Smith's pictures were reportedly taken in the Bahamas, as the couple looked like they "hadn't a care in the world", enjoying their time together in the apparent summer getaway. It can be recalled that the certain program was established four years back and this deal can be settled during the arraignment.

He said this wasn't the case, clarifying that Smith is not his girlfriend and has not been in some time.

Tiger Woods wants to set the record straight. His last win was in August 2013.

Since they can not plead guilty if they will not attend the hearing, Woods' absence means that he is planning to declare a not guilty plea.

According to reports, Duncan and Chief Assistant State Attorney Adrienne Ellis both came up with an agreement that delays Woods' first hearing to allow them to fix a future plea agreement.

The article also claimed that Smith became extremely upset when she found out about Woods' DUI arrest in May while she was shopping at Neiman Marcus, which is also contradictory to Woods saying the relationship ended a year ago.

The diversion program is apparently common among first-time offenders (like Woods) and contains benchmarks like community service and court fines for participants to hit along the way.

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