'The show is fake' CBB contestant Trisha Paytas lashes out in video

Cheryl Sanders
August 12, 2017

Trisha Paytas walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house last night in a shock exit, after being saved in the public vote.

While Trisha initially shared a tearful video on her YouTube channel saying she regretted her decision, she soon followed it up with an angry rant about her former housemates, with Girls Aloud singer Sarah directly in the firing line.

Hours later, the content creator was online, and upoloaded a video entitled Why I Regret Leaving Celebrity Big Brother.

Indeed, Sarah does seem to have got herself into a bit of a pickle, after having declared she has a secret boyfriend before entering Celebrity Big Brother, she will be seen snogging hunky housemate Chad Johnson on tonight's show.

"I have been watching so many clips, like a dozen and fake a*s people in the f***ing house".

So thank god for social media, because Trisha hasn't kept quiet about her reasons for leaving.

"I just watched Paul putting me up because basically body-shaming me. Saying I walk and I have my a*s hanging out and I walk around with my legs showing".

'You're just cheering for two people to go home because you guys were safe - you're so f**king arrogant'.

"I have so much f***ing information and insight on her but I could... the s*** they do in that house is as shady as f*** and it would not fly in America", she said, calling her a "little c*** a** b***".

"Fuck you Sarah Harding, who the fuck are you?" she says, after making the bold claim that: "Perez [Hilton] even said they save the good names for the January season because no-one watches the summer one".

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