The Best Memes From the "Beyond the Wall" Game of Thrones Episode

Carla Harmon
August 22, 2017

In the penultimate episode for season 7, we said goodbye to priest Thoros of Myr and to one of Dany's dragons! There are 126 days between the end of Survivor Game Changers and the beginning of Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, and with the later start date this year, these episodes have been a godsend of distraction during this very long offseason. Fortunately while we were having nightmarish visions of a dragon-killing ice javelin soaring at our hearts, all of you came through for us - again - with hilarious jokes and memes to help us during this hard time. Drogon was also the dragon who flew Daenerys to the hill top, close to where she was later surrounded by the Dothraki Khalasar.

Stories of ice dragons have appeared in the majority of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, and most notably were discussed in the canon World of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones compendium. While this may technically be true of the White Walkers, it is a distinction without a difference.

Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has commented on her character's "heartbreaking" loss in this week's episode. For a preview, it's actually pretty spoiler-y so turn back now if you want to go in fresh next week.

Daenerys Targaryen lost Viserion when the Night King threw a special ice spear into the beast, which caused it to crash and fall into the icy water.

The U.S. Olympic team is looking to GoT for a new recruit for the 2020 Olympic Games. While this side, Sansa is even more confused than before, as she recovers Arya's bag of faces. While Dany seemed guaranteed to ride one, characters including Jon Snow, Tyrion, Jaime Lannister, and the Night King were also rumored to saddle up the remaining two. It's well edited, calling together Jon Snow's seven-man band like the Westerosi Justice League we know (or hope) they are. No war must be easy and with a dragon by the night king's side, we just can't wait for the final war. This pisses off the Night King, because, duh. It marked the first time we really saw that her dragons are mortal creatures, rather than unstoppable sky gods.

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