Store Clerks Beat Back Armed Robbers in One-Sided Fight, Police Say

Cheryl Sanders
August 10, 2017

A father and son in Texas have fought off two thieves who were armed with a loaded handgun.


The armed suspect pointed the gun at the store's owner and his son and jumped over the counter, where he was quickly tackled and wrestled to the ground, the surveillance footage, released by Arlington Police, showed.

They try to keep him inside the store while one of the suspects runs out. The owner also helps in restraining the man. The second suspect takes off out the door.

As the struggled ensued, the other suspect pulled out a gun and can be seen brandishing the weapon at the group, but the store owner didn't miss a beat, swatting at the second gun while continuing to wrangle the first away.

"But I can say this was a very fearless act by the employees, but certainly not something that we would recommend", he said. One of them asked about buying a phone, but suddenly the situation changed, store manager Khurrum Monga told The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Monga said, "When my son jumped in, I just followed him". Whatever happened was going to happen.

They eventually push both of them out of the store without a shot being fired.

Arlington police said the men are both black and roughly the same size with a slender build and standing between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall.

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