SNL's Weekend Update Summer Edition premieres with solid first episode

Carla Harmon
August 11, 2017

SNL anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che reunite under the bright lights of studio 8-H for "Weekend update Summer Edition".

SNL has attempted the primetime experiment in the past with varying degrees of success, but those special programs aired during the SNL season with two airing in the final month of presidential elections (2008 and 2012). So instead, NBC brought back its most famous segment: Weekend Update.

While President Trump is taking some time away from Washington this week, not everyone is getting out of the office. Co-anchor Colin Jost cited the upheaval surrounding the White House, saying that while he was unsure whether Trump had colluded with Russia, "He's definitely colluding with 'Dancing With the Stars'". But aside from a pretty very bad joke about a dead cookbook editor from Jost, they also didn't bomb.

As for other comparisons, Weekend Update blew every other of the summer's few comedy offerings out of the water.

Eric Trump (Alex Moffatt) and Donald Trump Jr.

"SNL" alumnus Bill Hader played Scaramucci, who referred to himself as "the Mooch" and insisted he had "no regrets, baby" about his brief tenure in the Trump administration.

The current political climate under Trump has been a boon for "Saturday Night Live". "We should have people show up, right?" said Jost. And while the jokes may have been your typical Update jokes, and four of the five guests may have been typical Update guests, it was a very solid first episode. The Trump Lego Hotel even had Batman checking in.

But its score, like many on broadcast Thursday night, is subject to tweaks on account of pre-season football preemptions in multiple markets.

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