Police Officer Survives After Being Shot Multiple Times At Point-Blank Range

Police Officer Survives After Being Shot Multiple Times At Point-Blank Range

Cheryl Sanders
August 11, 2017

In the recording, Smith's voice can be heard telling a police dispatcher: "Tell my family that I love them".

Gunman Malcolm Orr, 29, was found guilty of attempted murder and possession a weapon in a violent crime on Tuesday.

Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith was shot four times while responding to a suspicious persons call.

Smith can be heard several more times in the video, yelling at Orr to stop and remove his hands from his pocket.

Stone described how Smith was sacked upon "not once, not twice, not three times, or four, or five, or six, or seven, but eight times" during the shooting, which left the officer with broken arm bones and a "life-threatening" neck injury. Smith purchased a pair of glasses with a camera on them and was wearing them during the incident.

The South Carolina officer survived, and months later, while giving evidence against Orr - the man who tried to kill him - Mr Smith described the camera glasses as the best $30 (£23) he had ever spent. He will be forced to serve a 35-year term in prison. That's is when Orr pulled out a 9-mm handgun and fired at Smith, never taking the phone away from his ear.

Dr. James Dunne, an emergency room physician, testified that a bullet completely severed a vein in Smith's neck.

According to the the solicitor's office, Smith was shot four times while responding to the call. He spotted a man, later identified as Malcolm Orr, walking away from the store who fit the description and ordered him to stop.

"Take your hands out of your pocket!" the officer can be heard saying in the footage.

A passer-by comes to his aid and attempts to assure him: "I've seen you after that boy".

"I am hit. I am hit in my neck some place", he says.

He takes a moment and then makes a quieter plea: "Please help me, dispatch". At least two of the rounds were fired as he lay on the ground, officials said.

"Shots fired!" Smith screams, while running back to his vehicle.

The jury deliberated for less than 45 minutes before handing down the guilty verdict.

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