Plane passenger spots man texting about sex abuse of kids, authorities say

Yolanda Curtis
August 9, 2017

Los Angeles Times reports that Michael Kellar, 56, exchanged text messages with Gail Burnworth, 50, while on a flight in route to San Jose, California, from Washington.

It was a preschool teacher on vacation who saw these text messages on Kellar's phone during the flight, took pictures and alerted authorities.

"One of the messages the passenger photographed showed Kellar allegedly messaging Burnworth, " can do this or are you just saying this???" to which Burnworth replies, "No I think I can do it if I don't have parents over my shoulder or anxious about who's going to walk in on me And then on Sunday I will have the kids no parents just kids".

"No I think I can do it if I don't have parents over my shoulder or anxious about who's going to walk in on me".

According to investigators, Burnworth who reportedly works as a babysitter, was carrying out Kellar's sexual requests on two children, a 5-year-old and 7-year-old, whom the police have identified as victims.

The passenger, a preschool teacher on holiday, alerted a flight crew member to the messages and the flight crew alerted police. She admitted to sexually assaulting the children 15 to 20 times and video taping them while they were nude and sending the images to Keller, her boyfriend.

The fonts on Kellar's phone were large-sized so even if the teacher was behind him, she could clearly read what the messages said.

According to a Fox News Report "The passenger's photo, the complaint stated, showed Burnworth informing Kellar that she would be alone with the children on Sunday and that she meant to sedate them with Benadryl and then film herself molesting them while they were asleep". It is unclear if the kids are hers or are the children of her ex-husband and his new wife, and if they were the kids that Kellar and Burnworth targeted.

That afternoon, the woman was seated behind Kellar on the flight to San Jose Minetta International Airport when she glanced at his cellular phone, an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent said in court papers unsealed Monday.

Investigators concluded that Kellar and Burnworth were arranging to molest children on video.

Authorities say her actions saved the children.

Later that day, police arrested Burnworth, who also acknowledged a sexual interest in prepubescent boys and girls, the complaint said.

'I felt that she needed to be told in person she is our hero.

"One minute she is on her way to visit family on her vacation, the next thing you know her actions saved two children from continuous molestation". "I was blessed to meet her, gave her a big hug and said thank you".

'She was emotional. She said "I just knew something was wrong" and she felt it in her heart'.

'I thought, "What did I just see?"

'Then I could see more texts coming in. Kellar remains in custody in Northern California pending his extradition back to Washington. I'm just so thankful the kids are safe'.

Kellar and Burnworth are in jail Wednesday, and it's was not known if they have lawyers to speak on their behalf.

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