New Splatoon 2 Maps Coming This Week

Yolanda Curtis
August 23, 2017

As it so happens, Nintendo just recently shared its plans for three forthcoming updates for the third-person shooter by putting out an announcement video during gamescom 2017.

Splatoon 2's upcoming DLC continues to prove the squid kid franchise has, bar none, the best weapons in the genre.

Splatoon 2 will soon be receiving three new updates: a new Salmon Run stage will be getting added today, a new stage is coming this weekend, and a new special weapon is coming as part of a set in September. The map features an abandoned outpost in the middle of the sea, left behind due to rising sea levels.

Before that, Nintendo will be rolling out a new Salmon Run stage called Lost Outpost. On Saturday, August 26, we'll get the new battle stage called The Manta Maria. The map enters rotation on August 26, later this week. This special allows players to launch up to three large bubbles, which will explode when shot with your team's ink. They can be used to splat enemies and areas, but they can also disappear if attacked by enemy players.

This isn't the first update for Splatoon 2.

If you're a Switch and Splatoon 2 owner, what do you think about Nintendo's support for the game so far?

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