LinkedIn gets videos, GigaJam ends, and a Red Hat expansion — Microsoft roundup

Pablo Tucker
August 23, 2017

Today, Microsoft and Red Hat announced the expansion of their partnership that will help enterprises to more easily adopt containers.

Windows Server containers on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is created to remove the challenges posed by businesses not being standardised on a single infrastructure stack whilst using containerised applications to run their mission-critical apps.

OpenShift, Red Hat's platform for application containers, is based on Kubernetes and Red Hat is planning support for cross-platform Linux and Windows workloads. This integration will be available in preview in spring 2018.

Microsoft has partnered with Red Hat to support container support across both organisations.

Customers not now using containers to power their workloads will be able to make the shift without too much investment or effort, because they will have the joint support of Red Hat and Microsoft to make their journey seamless. The two companies are collaborating on the technology, as well as planning to provide "integrated support" for it. The patent arrangement wasn't publicly disclosed, but was reported by ZDNet.

"It wasn't long ago that the idea of these two companies working together would have been nearly inconceivable", wrote Azure architect John Gossman in a blog post. By offering OpenShift Dedicated on Azure, customers can utilize the container platform without having to invest a ton of resources in managing it, as Red Hat handles that on its end.

Grossman said the announcement makes it easier for customers to choose the technology best suited for a particular job.

Enterprises see the benefit in using containerized applications to run their mission-critical applications, but most IT organizations are not standardized on a single infrastructure stack.

The companies first demonstrated SQL Server running on Red Hat's flagship RHEL operating system previous year.

"Microsoft and Red Hat are aligned in our commitment to bring enterprise customers the hybrid cloud solutions they need to modernise their businesses as they shift to operate in a cloud-native world", John Gossman, lead Azure architect at Microsoft. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is a container platform as a cloud service managed by Red Hat. Support for managing Azure workloads from Red Hat CloudForms is expected to be added in the next few months, extending the existing System Center capabilities for managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Along those same lines, customers of Microsoft's Azure Stack hybrid cloud product will be able to run RHEL on their hybrid infrastructures.

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